There are things we shouldn’t be allowed to see. “Come True” (2020)

directed by Anthony Scott Burns
© 2020 Copperheart Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

Do you know such films which are average or rather good, but at the end you realise they are marvellous, because you’ve been played by the filmmakers? “Come True” is one of them, at least for me. I’ve seen some reviews saying that it’s predictable or even boring. Well, not sure what kind of dreams such reviewers have, but for me it was like watching a brushed up version of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, but in a very 2020 futuristic style. Actually, we don’t have an actual Freddie in this story, but while watching it, you may create such creature in your head, which is even more disturbing than my beloved scissor-hands character. Okay, before I say too much, let’s start from the beginning. As always, no spoilers. Sarah (Julia Sarah Stone) is a teenager having sleeping problems. Each time she falls asleep, she sees some very strange objects. And each time, in her dreams, she approaches a silhouette of something that seems to be a man. One day, she signs up for sleep studies and hopes that the scientists could help her. However, from the beginning of the tests, Sarah’s dreams are getting more and more disturbing, causing not only anxiety. The rest is for you to see. I absolutely adore films that make me feel stupid. Honestly. I mean, when I’m watching something, I’m like Sherlock Holmes – trying to guess every little metaphor or allusion, and finally, how everything will end. Very often I’m successful, but not this time. I was so engaged in the story of Sarah, that perhaps my empathy didn’t let me focus on the whole picture. But I believe that was the filmmakers’ idea – to play with our deepest fears and then, boom, leave us reflecting on the meaning of life, literally. Okay, maybe not that far, but I honestly felt uncomfortable, even after I finished watching. It’s not scary, but it’s difficultly creepy. But no spoilers means no spoilers so, I’m sorry, you have to see this wonderful film yourselves. Quick hint: not before sleep, you’ll thank me later.

My rating: 8/10

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