I’m not a sociopath, but I’m smart enough to think like one. “Mindscape” (2013)

directed by Jorge Dorado
© 2013 Warner Bros. All Rights Reserved.

This film could have been fantastic… not sure what went wrong. I mean, from the technical point of view, I think it seemed… underdone. The editing was strange, as if the editor didn’t know this is not an action film, but a psychological thriller, so we do need long shots and less cutting. And some dialogues? Ugh… I’m sorry, I have to tell you about one scene, it’s not a spoiler. At least not a big one. So, the main character is a detective who lost his wife 2 years ago. Of course, they need to inform us about this at the beginning of the film. The detective goes to see his boss and the boss at some point says something like: “It’s time to start seeing other people, it’s been 2 years since your wife died”. CAN YOU IMAGINE SOMEONE SAYING THIS TO YOU? I know, I know, they have to present you the background of the main character in few minutes, but there are other ways than a really cringy conversation with the boss, where he says that “YOUR WIFE – DIED – 2 YEARS AGO” in one sentence. Luckily, the dialogues get a bit better later, but still… Facepalm was present while watching. Still, I’ve rated this film quite well, because I really liked the idea, the plot twist(s) and the ending. So since I’ve already complained a bit, time to tell you what you can expect from the story. The main character is John (Mark Strong), who can see people’s memories. One day, he’s asked to talk to Anna (Taissa Farmiga), a 16-year-old girl, who has stopped eating and nobody understands why. When Mark meets the teenager, he realises that it’s not just some random rebellion, but there’s a more complicated reason behind her behaviour. Everyone sees Anna as the bad person, while she might actually be the victim. Or not? Or yes? Or go to check it out? Really, I know this film doesn’t look finished from the technical point, but when it comes to the plot, I loved it. So perhaps some remake? Anyone?

My rating: 7/10

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