One more spoken and we are dead. “The Vanishing” (2018)

directed by Kristoffer Nyholm
© 2018 Lionsgate. All Rights Reserved.

Have you heard of Flannan Isles Lighthouse? Yes, I’m sure you’re a big fan of lighthouses and you even have posters with them all over your walls. And if you happen not to be such fan (hard to believe, but okay), I need to tell you about this particular lighthouse . In 1900 a weird accident happened on the island where it’s situated. There had been three lighthouse keepers there, but when one day someone noticed that there’s no light coming from the lighthouse, it was clear that something had happened. Surprisingly, all three keepers, who were supposed to be there, had disappeared and nobody was found on the island. Literally, no body. As if they really vanished. Some say it was an accident and they were all taken by the water. However, there were some other speculations. And the reason why I’m telling you about the lighthouse is because today’s film is based on that story. The three keepers are Donald (Connor Swindells), James (Gerard Butler) and Thomas (Peter Mullan). The first one is the youngest of them all, trying to learn from his older colleagues. James is middle-aged and wishes to finish the job to return to his family. Thomas, however, is the oldest of them all and he’s lost his wife and children. One day, they notice a random boat, a body of a man and a wooden chest at the shore. And… I really don’t want to tell you more, because I know that your imagination is playing with you right now. Which is perfect. It’s actually a psychological thriller, in my opinion, more than an action or mystery film. It’s hard not to spoil the story, but what I recommend you to focus on is the fact that those three men are of different age. And I believe that, considering what this film is really about, this age difference emphasises what a hopeless problem that is. And how similar we all are, in fact. I know it sounds complicated, but you’ll get it. If not, at least you’ll see another lighthouse. We’re discovering the world everyday.

My rating: 6/10

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