There are three types of people. Those at the top, those at the bottom and those who fall. “The Platform” (“El Hoyo”, 2019)

directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia
© 2019 Netflix. All Rights Reserved.

I loved this film. And seriously, it’s another production that proves how much some people can be wrong about films. Obviously, we all have our preferences, but this film is rather underrated, in my opinion. I mean, it’s not a typical sci-fi thriller with aliens and strange creatures from other planets. This one is way more psychological and you should focus on the conversations, instead of what’s happening on the screen. But perhaps you’d like to know what it’s all about, so let me share a few words. Everything starts with our main character Goreng (Iván Massagué) waking up in a concrete cell. He spots that he’s not the only one there. Next to him there’s another man called Trimagasi (Zorion Eguileor), who’s much older and much more experienced in what’s happening in this place. Goreng notices that there are cells above and below their own and there’s a huge rectangle-shaped hole in the middle of each cell’s floor. Trimagasi explains that it’s a hole for the food platform. It goes from the top to the bottom, filled with food, and the prisoners get to eat what’s left. Goreng and his cellmate are in cell 48, which means they will eat after 94 people. At first, the main character finds it disgusting, but he realises that there’s no other option. The men are lucky, because some leftovers can still be found on the platform when it reaches their cell. However, there are many cells below them. Every month, all the prisoners are moved to a different floor. After such switch, the cellmates wake up sharing the cell with each other once again, but this time Goreng is tied to his bed and the number on the wall says “171”… Doom doom doom. Honestly, this film gives you so much food for thought (ha, the word “food” can be a bit wrong here) that when I finished watching it, I needed a break to reflect on everything. If I have a chance, I’d love to organise a discussion about it, because I feel like there’s so much we could learn from this story. I think the idea for the film is fantastic, it’s well played, you may have a good laugh and also feel horribly disgusted, but I’m afraid the ending didn’t satisfy me that much. I mean, it was slightly illogical and kind of disappointing. But on the other hand, it isn’t that predictable, so perhaps some of you will fancy it more. Still, I’m a big fan of this production and it will stay with me for a long time.

My rating: 7.5/10

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