There is a bomb in Centennial Park. You have 30 minutes. “Richard Jewell” (2019)

directed by Clint Eastwood
© 2019 Warner Bros. Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

This film was nominated to an Oscar, but I bet most people don’t even know about it or haven’t seen it. The production isn’t that bad, but generally not many people have gone to the cinema to watch it and it’s one of the biggest Clint Eastwood’s box office flops. And I would get it if it wasn’t a good film. But the thing is that it’s really a decent one. Richard Jewell, the main character of the film, is a real man whose story was an inspiration to produce this film. He’s a simple man who has a huge respect towards law enforcement. He wishes to protect people just like other officers, so he keeps searching for a job where he could do what he’s passionate about. Finally, Richard (Paul Walter Hauser) gets a job as a security guard at the Olympic Games. One day, during a concert in Centennial Park, he spots a random unattended package beneath a bench. Richard informs others and together with officers they try to take people away from it. The package indeed contains a bomb, so it finally explodes. Luckily, they managed to inform the majority of attendees, so they survived the explosion and Richard is considered a real hero. However, somehow FBI start suspecting that perhaps it was Richard who put that package there. He’s a simple man who always wished to work in law enforcement, so he probably wanted to prove what a brave and smart person he is. And here we go… I must say this film isn’t the best production by Eastwood, but it’s a pity they didn’t earn more money on it. It’s definitely not a cinema film, so knowing it now, I would prefer to watch it at home. But still, it’s worth seeing, because it shows how ridiculous our society can be. We have to judge and criticise even those, who save our butts. We always need to find something wrong about another person. And it’s quite depressing, you know? Richard Jewell is a cool guy, especially if he’d really done what they showed at the end of the story (you will see). But one thing I have to comment on – Kathy Bates should have won the Oscar for the best supporting actress this year. She played Richard’s mother, but, holy spirits, she PLAYED it! She played it so well that I had chills. I knew it’s a superwoman of cinema, but that was the best performance of all the five nominees. Love you Laura Dern, but Kathy burnt the screen.

My rating: 7/10

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