It takes big buns to pay for a sofa. “Calendar Girls” (2003)

directed by Nigel Cole
© 2003 Buena Vista Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

Let’s finish the week wish some positive vibes. Today I have a very sweet production for you. It’s based on a real story, so get ready for it. The title may seem like some 18+ film title, but in fact it’s not. Although there are many naked women in it. Anyway, let’s share a bit about the story. It starts in the village of Knapely, England. We follow two good friends, Annie Clarke (Julie Walters) and Chris Harper (Helen Mirren) who are middle-aged ladies. They are the members of their local Women’s Institute, but they aren’t the most active ones, to be honest. Still, it’s a way to spend their time together. One day, Annie’s husband informs her about his illness. He’s been diagnosed with terminal leukaemia and from now on he has to stay in hospital. Luckily, Annie has her best friend Chris, who supports them both in this difficult time. John finally dies and Chris wants to do everything to distract her friend from thinking about this tragedy. She comes up with an extraordinary idea. The sofa that’s placed in the waiting room at the hospital is, according to Chris, horribly uncomfortable. That is why she wants to collect some money and buy a new one in remembrance of John. Unfortunately, she cannot cook, bake or knit, so there must be a different way to earn the money. She decides to make a calendar with the photos of her, Annie and other women living in their village. Seems like a perfect idea. There’s just a tiny detail… they need to be naked in the photos. I mean, they will be hiding their intimate parts behind certain objects, but generally, this should be a calendar with their nude pictures. And let me remind you, once again, that this is based on a real story. There were actually eleven women in England who decided to make the calendar and… you will see. Their goal was to collect money for the sofa, but I’ll leave it to you to find out whether they succeeded. I think it’s a great option for a Friday evening, because it’s funny, relaxing, sometimes goofy, but also a very warm film. I’ve read that the actresses were supporting each other very much during the shooting. After each naked scene, they were celebrating with champagne! Isn’t that adorable?

My rating: 7/10

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