If I’m supposed to be a legend, then why am I so lonely? “Judy” (2019)

directed by Rupert Goold
© 2019 LD Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

Last night was truly… spectacular. And I’m not talking about the winners, because those were rather predictable. But the number of lines that were crossed yesterday is bigger than the US population, I guess. Still, I had a lot of fun and I’m extremely happy for the actors and actresses who’s got a GG this year. One of them is Renée Zellweger for her role of Judy Garland. Renée is well-known for being Bridget Jones, a chubby, clumsy but adorable British lady. This time you may discover a totally different persona. If you’re not sure who Judy Garland is, then you should definitely read more before watching today’s film. Because it doesn’t present her entire life, so you might feel lost a bit. This production focuses on the last years of Garland’s career. That was the time when she wasn’t selling many tickets and started having health problems, which made it difficult for her to stay in the “artistic shape.” So we basically see a beautiful and extremely talented woman losing everything in life, including her career, fame, voice and family. We also learn about her addiction to drugs and how she was being forced to take pills from the very beginning of her stage life. It’s not a pleasant film to see. If you know and appreciate Judy Garland, you may feel heart-broken watching her slowly passing away. Because she didn’t have anyone to help her. Even in her 40s she was still that little girl with pigtails singing “Over the Rainbow.” However, it’s definitely worth seeing because Renée did a fantastic job. I was watching some videos of Judy Garland and comparing those two ladies – Renée really did her homework well. All those small gestures, the posture and even that absent gaze were all there. Perhaps the script could have been better and I agree that the film can be slightly messy sometimes. Yet, for what this wonderful actress has done, you have to watch it. A very well deserved Golden Globe and, I hope, Oscar next month.

My rating: 7/10

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