A clever girl is a true blessing. “Ladies in Black” (2018)

directed by Bruce Beresford
© 2018 Sony Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

I’m taking you to the 50s. And to Australia, so read this post upside-down. Haaa haaa, I know, very funny, but I couldn’t stop myself. It’s a wonderful production and slightly underrated, in my opinion. It tells the story of Lisa (Angourie Rice) who becomes a new assistant at a department store. She’s accompanied by the ladies who’s been working there for a bit longer: Fay (Rachael Taylor), Patty (Alison McGirr) and Magda (Julia Ormond). Each of the women has a different background and personality. Fay is this typical cold blonde who’s not the biggest fan of immigrants in Australia. Patty has a problem with her husband who doesn’t really pay enough attention to her. Magda, however, is a Slovenian woman who’s much more European than the other ladies at their working place. Young Lisa doesn’t only learn how to be a good shop assistant, but also a variety of things from each of her colleagues. The woman she gets especially close to is Magda. Thanks to her she also discovers a different point of view on the life of women. Lisa is used to this typical scenario that is presented in her family. Her father goes to work, expects everything done at home and spends the evenings at pubs. While her mother needs to take care of everything and doesn’t even think of doing something for herself. Preparing dinner for the husband is her everyday duty and goal. Lisa isn’t a rebel, but she also dreams of studying and becoming an actress… or a novelist… or a poet… but definitely not a housewife. I really enjoyed this film, because it wasn’t this feminist cry for attention. The story is actually entertaining, but at the same time you realise how ridiculous that reality was. A cooking man? A working woman? No way! Imagine how much we could have lost if we had kept thinking that way. Let’s bless all the working women and all the male cooks! Not sure about you, but I’m glad to be living in this other reality.

My rating: 7/10

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